Our History

1968 Dah Tyan Iron Works was established, undertaking the oil seal mold process.
1972 Successfully developed the rubber sole hydraulic machine and EVA foaming hydraulic machins and stepped into the professional machinery manufacturing field.
1981 The plant was expanded and the company had been renamed as Dah Tyan Hydraulic Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.
1984 Received the order for 4000 Ton multi-cylinder (6m long) conveyor hydraulic machine from King Belt.
1984 Technological cooperation with Japan to successfully develop rubber parts, the alligator-type hydraulic machine, that were exported to Japan, Thailand, etc.
1987 Successfully developed the PCB precision laminating equipment and received recognitions from domestic and overseas PCB plants.
1989 Cooperated with Pou-Cheng, Feng-Tai, Ching-Luh Groups and successfully developed M/W hot & cold forming hydraulic machines.
1990 To respond to the CNC trends, injected two million US$ to purchase the precision five face machine center and large CNC floor type boring machine from Toshiba of Japan, joining in the automatic production line.
1995 Received the order of the high precision electronic substrate laminating machine from Qing-Guang Company. (vacuum, 1000-ton, dual cylinder type, 30 layers)
1997 A maintenance department was established in Guangdong Province, China. Later, additional maintenance depart ments were established in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Vietnam and Indonesia.
2006 Collaborative development with "king belt",6000 ton rubber conveyor belt production line,successfully breakthorugh technical in Down-type multi-cylinder.
2007 Received the order of GDM,20 Sets 1000 Tone CCL Valcunm press production line. (30 Layer)
2008 We are appointed by Dunlop, recvied order of 8000 Ton Hydraulic hot press for fiber conveyor belt production line.
2010 The plant moved to the current location in the Nan-Shih Industrial Area, Wufeng district, Taichung City, oquiped 17000 sapre meter, 20 meter hight,capital increase to Sixmillian dallars, purchase TOSHIBA 12Meter Floor-type. Horizontal Milling and boring machine ability to produce 60 ton parts.
2010 Received order from BRIDGESTONE, successfully developed the 20000 ton steel core rubber conveyor hydraulic machine. (Total 147meter long,heating plate: 2700 x 16400)
2012 Received order from DUNLOP 8000 ton steel core conveyor belt prodution line. (Total 90meter,heating plate: 1780 x 10600 mm)
2013 DUNLOP 8000 ton steel core conveyor belt prodution line successfully completed the FAT. (Factory Acceptance Test)
2014 BRIDGESTONE 20000 ton steel core conveyor belt prodution line successfully completed the FAT. (Factory Acceptance Test)
2015 Sold "1300 ton 20 opening Laminating Equipment" to the biggest Domestically PCB drilling back-up/entry boards company "Aurona"
2016 Received order from Polish manufacturer of rubber products "FTT Wolbrom S.A.", successfully established 4500 ton conveyor belt production line.
2017 After successfully handed 4500 ton conveyor belt production line over to "FTT Wolbrom S.A", received order steel core conveyor belt from another competitor in europe "Sempertrans" 
2018 Acquired the first order from National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (NCSIST), successfully developed High Temerpature Vacuum Tester Machine used for 5G chip PCB board press.
2019 Foreign well-known tire maker "Continental" gave us credit for 3000 ton and 3700 ton conveyor belt main hydraulic machine .
2020 After successfully handed main hydraulic machines to "Continental", received order 3700 ton conveyor belt main hydraulic machine from "Continental" located in Brazil.
2020 Purchased the brand new "Wele" precision five face machine center, used on hot plate process more precise and rapid.
2021 Global chip shorage is an ongoing global crisis. PCB board & CCL customers placed quantity orders so that we purchased another "Wele" five face machine center processing hot plate.
2022 After received order from "FTT Wolbrom S.A" in 2016, this year we got another set of steel core conveyor belt prodution line.





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